Demotivational Posters II

A few weeks ago I posted a note about an assignment I gave my students in the on-campus version of the MAET program. They had completed an unit on motivation and had watched the RSA / Daniel Pink video and their task was was to create demotivational posters, (along the lines of those on using ideas either from their readings/discussions or from the Pink video.

The posters were a huge success. In fact Daniel Pink tweeted them (Thanks Daniel) and lots of his followers ended up on my website to see the work done by the students, which is all very cool.

Well, I am now in Rouen, France, meeting with the students in the off-campus MAET program. I got a chance to work with each of the groups (representing year 1, 2 & 3) and had them create similar posters as well. So now we have a total of 17(!) posters. It is interesting to see just how different they are, even the ones that tackle the same concept do it differently.

I have included all of the posters below  — the one’s from East Lansing as well as the one’s created here at Rouen. Click on the words to see the posters (the names of the students who created them is provided below each of the posters).


Scot Acre
Patrick Gillespie
Marc Compton
Shawn Telford


Kerry Guiliano
Aaron Moran
Mike Bammer
Julie Howe
Addy Hamilton

Barb Bedford
Cheryl Schaefer
Hope Andres
Stacey Schuh
Grace Bammer
Mary Wever
Jessica Steffel
Sarah Blazo
Craig McMichael
Chloe Tingley
Lial Miller
Katie Lorey
Rewards 2


Melanie Hosbach
Fiona Scott
Andrew Melmoth

Rewards 2

Sarah Pickles
Katie Shefren
Joost Guttinger
Renee Codsi

Theresa Hamilton
Larissa Lisayo
Miguel Herrera
Cheytoria Hickey
Bridget Reed
Kristi Dix
Patricia Liff
Rugh Gadson
Olivia Shillings
Mastery 2
Financial Incentives


Frances Snowden,
Jessica Maisonnave,
Andrea Ouimetto


Paul Blackwell,
Brigette Jensen,
Candace Marcotte

Bill Marland,
Christina Popowski,
Jillian Johnson,
Jamie Perry
John Hogan
Michelle Cox
Sean Sweeny
Rehb Rajab
Alfred McDonnel
Dean Halverson
Ashley Priem
Shaza Ahmed
Lauren Cortesi
Camiella Hudson
Material Incentives
Motivation 2

Material Incentives

Rawad Bon Hamadan
Jason Shulha
Eliza Mantyh
Patty Kolinski

Bossel Deiry
Susie Dina
JP Bennett
Kelly Cunningham
Kristin Bergeron


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  3. Paige, I am glad you like these posters. I think we had a great deal of fun in this activity.

    I think you are free to use this in your blog posts as long as you provide proper credit and a link back to this page. Drop me a note when you do so.

    take care ~ punya

  4. I was wondering what the copyright on these photos is? Would love to use the “Grading” on in my new blog post.
    What do you think?
    These teachers did a GREAT job on these!
    Paige McClement

  5. I was curious what the copyrights are on these posters. I just wrote a blog on getting rid of grades in my classroom. The Grading poster would be great addition to that post!
    The teachers did a great job on all of these!

    Thanks, Paige

  6. I was just looking over the demotivational posters again. The students in France also did a great job. I loved the Apathy one for sure and the Collaboration poster really speaks the truth in many instances. Many points to ponder.

  7. Punya, I am excited to see the posters, but the links on the new posters actually take us to the posters created in the MSU summer cohort. I will stay tuned in:-)

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