Wong, Mishra, Koehler & Adams (2007)

Wong, D., Mishra, P., Koehler, M.J., & Adams, S. (2007). Teacher as Filmmaker: iVideos, Technology Education, and Professional Development. To appear in M. Girod & J. Steed (Eds.), Technology in the college classroom. Stillwater, Oklahoma: New Forums Press.

Abstract: In our Masters program in Educational Technology at Michigan State University, K-12 teachers create “iVideos” — short, two-minute, digital videos designed to evoke powerful experiences about educative ideas. For example, an iVideo might enable viewers to experience the vastness of space, the interconnection between people and their environment, the timeless themes in great literature, and other compelling subject-matter ideas. How might these teacher-made iVideos serve as catalysts for teacher technology education and professional development? We describe the conceptual foundation of iVideos by building on the metaphor of teacher as filmmaker—and idea that highlights how teachers and filmmakers both strive to create powerful experiences for their audiences. In doing so, we argue that teachers are enabled to transform ideas and practice by immersing themselves in deep pedagogical consideration of subject-matter, significance, audience, learning, epistemology, and aesthetics. We also discuss how this approach develops teachers’ competency and efficacy with technology.


  1. Thanks for the quick reply.
    I was looking for some video project ideas to show to some of my grad students (mostly in-service teachers)and then you mentioned this article here.

    Look forward to the iVideos..
    Keep blogging…

  2. Hsueh-Hua, good to hear from you, and glad that you (or someone for that matter) is following this blog. I know some of the iMovies were hosted on the web somewhere. In fact I had some of them on my old website – but they were “lost” in the shuffle when I came up with my new design. I really need to look them up and post them here. Maybe when I get some free time :-)

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