iWonder: Science ed research to practice

illustration1-smallFigure 1. “We are a way for the universe to know itself” – Carl Sagan
Illustration by Punya Mishra


iWonder: Rediscovering School Science is a journal of science education focusing on middle school science teachers, published by the Azim Premji University. I have been (with a series of co-authors) publishing a series under the rubric of Research to Practice for this journal. These articles and their abstracts (with links to the PDFs) are listed below. I also create all the illustrations that go with the articles – the image on top being one of my designs.

Abstract: This article explores the role of beauty in science education. The authors use research in science education to highlight the importance of teachers consciously making connections to aesthetic aspects in science. Caring about beauty in science can inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity among students.

Abstract: This article explores the need for social justice teaching in science education, and what it can accomplish, especially for students who come from communities that have been excluded from science learning and careers. It also presents important lessons learned from one case of science teaching for social justice.

Abstract: As educators, we need to know that new learning is constrained and framed by our prior knowledge. Metaphors offer one way to harness this to our advantage. In this article we focus on a strategy of using multiple metaphors to explain complex scientific ideas, grounding our discussion in one specific example — that of teaching about energy.

Abstract: This article explores peer instruction in the science classroom. The authors use research in science education to illustrate, practically, how teachers can work with their students to increase learning using peer instruction.