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Dr. Mishra consults with school districts, non-profit organizations and businesses interested in topics related to technology integration, creativity, innovation and design. He has taught courses, conducted workshops for K12 Teachers, faculty in higher education, business leaders, MBA students, and policy makers. Dr. Mishra is a dynamic and engaging speaker and is in great demand as a keynote and invited presenter at national and international conferences.

Dr. Mishra has received high accolades for his workshops and presentations. He has received multiple awards for his teaching including a Lilly Faculty Fellowship, the Michigan State University Teacher Scholar Award, the College of Education’s Teaching Excellence Award and the AT&T-MSU award for Instructional Technology.

List of topics Dr. Mishra conducts workshops or gives invited lectures about:

  • Creativity, technology & Teachers: The Total PACKage for technology integration
  • Creativity, technology & teaching, where do they meet?
  • That’s cool! How do I use it? New technologies, new pedagogies
  • STEM, STEAM and all that jazz!
  • Why playing trumps gaming OR why KidPix beats World of Warcraft
  • New technologies, new paradigms for research & scholarship
  • Faculty Development 2.0: Technology and the changing face of the professoriate
  • On becoming a website: Teaching & Learning Online
  • Learning by design: New paradigms for professional development
  • What do educators have to offer in a world where information wants to be free
  • Being wagged by the long tail, technology, education and individual needs

An excellent example of his presentation style can be found in the Koehler & Mishra, 2008 Keynote presentation at the annual conference of the Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education: Thinking creatively: Teachers as designers of Technology, Pedagogy & Content (Quicktime version). Other presentations and workshop materials can be accessed from his website (http://punyamishra.com/)

Testimonials of Dr. Mishra’s Workshops and Keynote presentations:

Innovative and thought-provoking ideas presented in a humorous fashion! An absolutely dynamic speaker who is capable of engaging the audience both in the room and at a distance through telecasting!! — Sharon Guan, Ph.D., Director, Instructional Design and Development, DePaul University

Thanks, for all the time put into making the best technology presentation I ever saw… It really is the best I have seen in 20 years of going to technology conferences, partially because the content was so good, and partially because the presentation format was so engaging — Mark Geary, Dakota State University

Very passionate about the subject and teaching. … It helps to learn creativity from someone who is himself very creative

Punya has great charisma and great spirit.
MBA students at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Excellent session and topic! The topic inspires thought that is non traditional and opens doors to new fresh and creative thinking.

That was awesome!! Brilliant!!
Participants at Executive MBA program, Broad School of Business & MASCO Corporation

This is a great class and Punya is a WONDERFUL instructor! I would take any class from him at any time again. He has a terrific, easy manner in teaching and supporting all the students in their learning!

Punya inspires me in many ways: to learn more, to search for beauty, to create and look for quality. I appreciate what he brings to our discussions.

Punya was probably the best education professor I’ve ever had. His passion and desire for students to learn was evident in every aspect of this course. From day 1 he set the standard for a balance between fun and love of learning and academic excellence. It was a real pleasure to be a part of his class.

Punya is a very exciting teacher. He has so much energy – you can really tell he likes teaching. I enjoyed taking this class from him.

Superb! Bravo! Excelente! You present yourself in ways that stimulates my desire to listen and learn!
Students in master’s and doctoral courses

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