CSI: Update 11/12/17

The Coronado Success Initiative is a strategic partnership between the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD), Scottsdale Charros, and ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC). An interim report was developed in June 2017, capturing all the work that has been done so far in this partnership. An additional design session was conducted with Spanish-speaking parents on the 30th of August, 2017.

September to present: Teacher Workshop Series

Over the first five design and research sessions with many stakeholders from the Coronado community, one key theme stood out: the idea of and need for connections. This idea of connections played out in different ways with different groups: connections between school and community, students and teachers, administrators and the school community, content and pedagogy, and technology and innovation.

Based on input from the Coronado team it was decided that the ASU team would facilitate a series of workshops for Coronado teachers with the goal of impacting daily teaching and learning practices at Coronado, and the broader aim of reimagining and redesigning what might be possible at Coronado in the years to come. Through these workshops, Coronado teachers would build connections for innovative, cross-disciplinary teaching and learning practices related to technology, pedagogy and content. They would leverage the open-ended design process to model concrete examples of excellent teaching and foster experimentation with technology.

The final result would be the development of strong cross-disciplinary teams between teachers at CHS who would propose cross-disciplinary pedagogical innovations that could be financially supported in the upcoming year. The idea of a celebratory public event where the teachers present the results of their work was also discussed.

To date, we have completed 2 workshops, on September 30 and November 4. Specifics of each given below:

Session 1: Building connectedness, seeing technology, pedagogy and content with new eyes 

September 30, 2017 (8:00am – 12:00pm)

In this session the participants were  introduced to ways of “re-seeing” their disciplines, technology and pedagogy. The participants identified key concepts in their academic disciplines and worked on thinking about creating news ways to create powerful learning experiences for students. Slides from the day and some outputs embedded/linked below. 

  • Reflections on the day by the participants 
    • This Google Doc was prepared by the participants during the workshop as a reflection on their day
  • Big-ideas and their visual representation
    • Participants created a series of visual representations of ideas related to teaching and disciplinary learning during the workshop (see slides below).

Session 2: Exploring Technologies, building teams

The big idea for the day was around Explore, Create, Share – with the share component relating to ways that they could collaborate or socially share what they are up to. The teachers engaged in three rounds of exploring three different technologies:

  • Programmable tools: Adventures with Sphero SPRK+
    • Teachers programmed spherical robots and got them to complete a series of tasks

  • Storytelling: The power of audio
    • Participants developed audio stories, podcasts and a range of other auditory artifacts.

  • The supercomputer in your pocket
    • Participants used a Deweyan framework to develop a range of creative ideas for using smartphones in the classroom

Participants were asked to develop inter-disciplinary teams to tackle important problems or practice in their work and to start developing project ideas. The slideshow for the day as well as specifics of some ideas developed (and preliminary teams) can be found embedded/linked below.

A survey has been developed for the participants to fill out so that the ASU team can continue to work with them to finesse and finalize their projects before the next meeting. A link to the survey is given below:

The Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) Form: Complete this Google Form to share your project ideas

Coming up: 

  • February 24, 2018 (1:00 – 4:00 PM)
  • March 24, 2018 (Time TBD)
  • Coronado Community Showcase (proposed, date time TBD)
    • Public event to feature teacher teams’ project outcomes and future innovation proposals, students’ stories and student work, and community panels