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Today is my first official day at Arizona State University. Though I have been here in the Phoenix area for a few days already, I truly start today. As I had written in my earlier post, I will be the new Associate Dean for Scholarship (as in scholarly and research activities) at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College here at ASU. I will also be a professor in the Division of Academic Leadership & Innovation.


I am both excited and nervous about this new opportunity but overall I am looking forward to this next stage in my career. My website will be moving soon to a new hosting service – but the punyamishra.com address should still work. I want to thank the people here at ASU and Dave Dai’s team at MSU for making this website transition relatively smooth (at least so far).

My email address will change of course – my new address is Punya.Mishra[at]asu.edu, though I do check my msu.edu address on a somewhat regular basis.

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  1. Hello. I met with Dr. Middleton prof of math education and engineering from ASU on Saturday at our Sci Tech fair at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher AZ
    He mentioned you and suggested that I should talk to you about my work on using rangolee art in elementary math education. I have developed a curriculum called DOT.MATH. Would like to share with you
    Madhuri Bapat

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