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How do exemplary teachers incorporate creativity in their teaching? For her dissertation study, Dr. Danah Henriksen  interviewed several National Teacher of the Year award winners (and finalists), to better understand their beliefs, interests, and practices involving creative teaching. Analysis of the data help us identify key themes of how these teachers approach the creative process, as well as the connection between their personal interests and professional creativity. This paper has finally been published!! (Yes it took a while). Those interested can download it from the link below:
Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (2015). We teach who we are: Creativity in the lives and practices of accomplished teachers. Teachers College Record Volume 117 Number 7, 2015, p. – ID Number: 17947, Date Accessed: 5/22/2015 12:08:16 PM
The publication of the paper was followed up some media attention. This has been one of the best pieces of research I have had the privilege to be a part of. I think Danah has done a fantastic job and she (and the work) deserves all the attention that it has been getting.
Here is a video created by Vialogues & TCRecord where Danah describes the research and findings. You can join in the conversation here.
Below are some of the other links to media reports and related publications:

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  1. Yup that’s right linda creativity is one thing that is have change the world in the upcoming days . But sometimes it is harmful .

  2. I believe creativity can change the world. I recently studied creativity in education while in doing a MSc in Creative Studies at Buffalo State and found there are many teachers that also believe creativity is important. They however did not know how to bring it into the classroom or did not have support from administration and even parents. The focus on standardized testing pushes creativity away which I consider the larger issue.

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