When is a picture of a sandwich more than a sandwich?

The answer is that when that picture has been taken by someone you know and it ends up on the NYTimes Freakonomics blog!

Long story short, a picture of a sandwich taken by Leigh Wolf has been used by the cool people over at Freakonomics to illustrate a story. Check it out here… and yes, the photo is credited to someone called 46137, which as it turns out is “Leigh” rotated 180-degrees (works best with a calculator font). Oh the beauty of Creative Commons and the web!


  1. Love the book… love the blog… and honestly… love the photo. Now i’m hungry. ;-)

    I just did a little presentation yesterday on blogging and social networking that included a lot of discussion of creative commons.

    It was a fascinating topic for the folks in our districtwide afterschool PD shortcourse on edtech. The fact that technology has so rapidly made older notions of copyright nearly obsolete, is… sigh-inducing.

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