Math-Music, serious game design

My 8 year old daughter, Shreya, came to me the other day and said that she had designed a learning game. I asked her to draw it out for me and here is what she had created.

The game is called Math Music and I guess, it builds on the Guitar Hero idea, but adds mathematics into the mix. The game-play is that you choose a tune from a list and then specific math problems are shown to to you. If you hit the appropriate button, corresponding to the right answer, on the guitar, the next note of the song will play. The problems keep coming and you need to keep hitting the right answers to keep the tune going.

If you notice, the guitar is 36 inches long – so I guess answers to all her problems have to fall between 1 and 36!


  1. Hey.. that was great idea..
    I think it can be implemented into android/iphone apps..
    This is great for train your brain while you enjoy listening to the music.

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