Punya Mishra
Dr. Punya Mishra is associate dean of scholarship at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and heads the Office of Scholarship. This website has more than enough information about him to add any more in this box :-) He can be reached at
Clarin Collins
Dr. Clarin Collins is a graduate of the MLFTC Educational Policy and Evaluation doctoral program and joined the Teachers College November 2015, after working for 3.5 years as a research and evaluation officer at the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust in Phoenix. In her role as Coordinator of Scholarly initiatives, she will assist in the planning and coordination of events and meetings and work to build and support faculty scholarship opportunities. She can be reached at

Patricia Marsh
Dr. Patricia Marsh has been teaching college courses for 17 years in Kansas and Missouri, has a background in assessment of student learning, HLC (Higher Learning Commission) accreditation processes, and has conducted research within Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). She serves as the Senior Data Analyst within our office to support reporting and scholarship endeavors, as well as working to find ways to more effectively connect faculty with MLFTC data. She can be reached at

Advisory Board to the Office of Scholarship

The Office of Scholarship Advisory Board represents the many groups involved in the broader scholarly enterprise at MLFTC. The role of the advisory board is two-fold: First, to give advice and feedback on Office of Scholarship initiatives; and second, advocate the work we do to the MLFTC community (and beyond). Below are the members of the advisory board (in alphabetical order):

Juliet Hart BarnettAssociate ProfessorWebsite
Audrey BeardsleyProfessorWebsite
Melanie BertrandAssistant ProfessorWebsite
David CarlsonAssociate ProfessorWebsite
Steve GrahamProfessorWebsite
Lana HaddyClinical Assistant ProfessorWebsite
Lauren HarrisAssistant ProfessorWebsite
Bryan HendersonAssistant ProfessorWebsite
Michelle JordanAssociate ProfessorWebsite
Keon McGuireAssistant ProfessorWebsite
Priyanka ParekhGraduate StudentWebsite
Sarah PolaskySenior director of Research AdvancementWebsite
Mo WaltersClinical Associate ProfessorWebsite
Yi ZhengAssistant ProfessorWebsite