About the Office of Scholarship

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The overarching vision for the MFLTC Office of Scholarship (OofS) is to place MLFTC at the forefront of scholarship in the New American University by promoting impactful scholarship that addresses critical educational issues globally, nationally, and locally using multiple forms of inquiry, resulting in knowledge that improve the educational mission of the College, our local collaborators, and education around the world. 


The Office of Scholarship aims to provide opportunities for faculty to engage in meaningful interactions of scholarship with others inside the Teachers College, across the university, and with communities at large. Our goal is to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research teams, identify supportive resources, and promote the scholarship of MLFTC broadly to academic and non-academic audiences.

The data team within our office collects, analyzes, and reports on MLFTC professional programs and indicators for multiple purposes and stakeholders. The team works to integrate a diverse set of perspectives, using data to solve critical issues and enhance the quality of the MLFTC professional programs (undergraduate, graduate).  Our goals are to examine and refine those quality indicators to provide unique opportunities that harness intellectual capacity within the college. Combining these different voices will build a culture that values innovative discoveries and utilizes scholarship to assist those who impact the lives of children and societies.

Working with other units both within MLFTC and the broader university the OofS has four key domains of work that it is involved in. They are

Capacity Development: Enhancing or creating a sense of community, bringing together faculty in/formally, generating new opportunities for collaboration and scholarship

Knowledge Mobilization: Expanding the access, reach, and impact of scholarship

Internal Scholarship Competition and Recognition (formerly called internal research/grants competition): Recognizing and rewarding interdisciplinary scholarship