On October 21, the Office of Scholarship partnered with the Research Advancement Office and the Teachers College Development Team to host the first MLFTC Grant Hackathon at ASU SkySong. The event was attended by 33 faculty and staff members. At the end of the day, the event was a success, and a number of groups are further developing and pursuing funding opportunities for ideas they developed at the event. In certain cases, some of ideas that emerged from the conversation had nothing to do with grant getting but led to other curricular and program related projects. That of course is the power of networking and serendipity!

We look forward to hosting similar events in the future to create space and opportunity for faculty and staff to come together to generate new or expand upon existing ideas with peers.

Here are some resources from the event:

First is the PDF document that lays out a timeline of grants for the upcoming year

Next are the slides from the event:

Finally, you can see photos of the event here as well as a publicity poster here.